Yota Devices Presents The YotaPhone 2 Limited Edition In White Along With An Improved Interface And

Yota Devices unveiled a limited edition white version of the unique, dual-screen YotaPhone 2 at an exclusive launch in Dubai earlier today. This new color scheme doesn’t only impact the shell of the phone, but also the Always On display, which has been inverted in order to make apps, notifications and other content meld with the overall look of the device. The white version will be available in the UAE and across the GCC from May 13th.

Better value

For those who wish to purchase the original black or white version of the YotaPhone 2, a price reduction means they will get a great deal. The new price is just AED 2,555, when a phone is purchased direct from Etisalat, Jumbo Electronics and other local retailers in the UAE. So more features and unique design for comparatively less price to other android phones.

Easier to use and more powerful

By May 30 Yota Devices will also release a major update for all YotaPhone 2 owners, whether they have the black or white version.

This over-the-air update will bring the added performance, responsiveness and power saving features of Android 5.0 Lollipop, as well as new experiences that are specifically tailored to the Always On display.

Always On apps are now powered by YETI 2.0 (Yota E Ink Technology Integration), which incorporates the feedback of over 5,000 YotaPhone 2 users. This makes it easier to customize your Always On display with images from your social networks, widgets showing information that matters most to you, and one-touch shortcuts to the actions you perform most regularly.

New widgets you’ll love

You can now put full-screen Facebook, Twitter and Instagram widgets on your second display, allowing you to follow social activity without having to interact with your phone at all – and burn hardly any battery in the process.

The email widget has been updated to let you easily monitor and use your Gmail account from the Always On display – finally delivering one of the most heavily-requested features among our users.

The YotaSports widget, powered by EuroSport, will let you keep up with your favorite team – not only by displaying the latest scores inside the widget on your Always On display, but also displaying text commentary while a crucial match is in progress.

A YotaNotes widget lets you display and tick-off to-do lists or shopping lists as your day progresses, without having to switch anything on or navigate to any app.

A MusixMatch widget means you’ll never miss a song you like. Simply tap the widget and your YotaPhone 2 will listen and identify the song – with none of the time-consuming extra steps that ordinary smartphones require.

An improved YotaEnergy widget now displays more information about how much battery life you can expect from your device at any moment, based on your levels of usage. On average, this will be 3x longer than any ordinary smartphone thanks to our use of power-saving E Ink.

Amazing new apps and experiences

We’re also re-introducing: emotional SMS messages called YotaSMS. When one of your contacts texts you, you won’t only see a full-screen notification with their message, but also an image that summarizes the message’s content in a funny or emotional way.

The all-new YotaFitness app makes your fitness goals easier to achieve by constantly displaying the number of steps you have taken during the day, and how much further you must walk or run to meet your target. This data requires no smartwatch or extra pedometer accessory, but instead comes from the dedicated motion co-processor inside your YotaPhone 2.

The perfect accessory for power users

Finally, Yota Devices is also launching a new accessory that makes the perfect accompaniment to the YotaPhone 2. The Yota Wireless Power Bank is a portable wireless charger that sits by your bed at night, recharging your YotaPhone while you sleep. It then unplugs from the mains and goes into your bag during the day – providing an extra 4,000mAh of juice in case you need it while you’re on the go.

The Yota Wireless PowerBank will cost AED229 and will be available to purchase from Jumbo Electronics and other local retailers.

YotaPhone with Wireless Powerbank

YotaPhone with Bumper

YotaPhone 2 is the world’s only smartphone with two touch screens. The device combines the two displays – a color AMOLED display designed specifically for YotaPhone, and a black-and-white “paper” display that uses electronic ink. The key benefits of YotaPhone 2 are as follows:

  1. Power consumption. The Always On display consumes much less energy than ordinary colour displays. When using the basic functions of the phone, such as phone calls, SMS, e-mail and reading news and ebooks, you can use the device for three days without recharging. None of today’s smartphones have such stamina, even in their respective power saving modes, because the colour display is the main consumer of energy.

  2. Reading. Reading on a phone display has never been so comfortable, safe and long-lasting. The EPD display gives no glare in the sun, even in direct sunlight, is less irritating for eyes and provides a 180 degrees viewing angle. In reading mode YotaPhone can be used for up to 125 hours on a single charge.

  3. Easy to use. The second screen lets users keep in touch with notifications, calendar appointments and social networks at a glance, with no interaction required – i.e, no unlocking, no PIN entry, no navigation of an interface. The EPD-screen is like a wristwatch: the right information instantly appears within the field of view, and unwanted noise is moved out of sight.

  4. Personalization. The always on EPD-screen offers extra possibilities for personalizing your device: it may carry any images, photographs, graphics or any form of self-expression. This will make your YotaPhone 2 truly individual.

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