Whats the new thingy that’s running on PC’s laptops and tablets? Windows 8

Unless you are in a cave or rather from outer space you would haven’t missed the Windows 8 Ads running on almost all the platforms.Things are getting serious for Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft. The two most important aspects of Windows 8 is the new graphical interface and its availability features which have been completely redesigned for the user.

The interface of Windows 8 is largely inspired by the one on Windows Phone 7 applications with an arrangement of tiles. Users familiar with WP7 will see so little change. The big evolution is clearly with Windows Explorer, which has a much richer interface than is available on Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. The new “Ribbon” that appears in Windows Explorer 8, which is similar to the ribbon of MS Office applications, provides quick access to a set of features / actions: access to file properties, creating folders, activation function BitLocker (zip – encryption of data). In other words, forget the right-click, which allowed you to perform some of these actions until now.

Windows 8 has no start button on the desktop , If you still miss the Windows 8 start button you need to pay 5 US$ from a third-party software company Start8. Google it

Another advantage is the bridge with cloud services from Microsoft. Windows 8 enables users to keep their Windows sessions, and their preferences and find a number of basic parameters, whatever the PC used. This is a very convenient for mobility management.

The Metro GUI is the most radical change introduced by Windows 8. The touch interface will offer people with touch screens a greater flexibility to perform certain operations, such as rotations, views in depth, etc. You can manipulate objects as if they were in front of you.

The advantage of Windows 8 is its ultra-fast start. Windows 8 will start faster than Windows 7. Your computer will turn on in about 10 seconds and is therefore more reactive. When you turn off your device, the operating system terminates sessions, programs and services, but it saves the state of the session on the hard disk. Thus, it will always remain “open”, even if you close your computer. In other words it has removed the need for a sleep mode.

The task manager is redesigned slightly It has processes with simpler names. This is the end of complex and meaningless names with the extension . Exe. Also look out for start-up and app history tab.

Its unique interface is a new thing, but a little similar to the new mobile windows 7 interface, but that is undoubtedly a deliberate act. For the first time since Windows 95, the small button at the bottom left of the screen will disappear. And leave it up to the “Start screen”, called Modern UI interface. This will consist of icons (or “tiles”) that allow you to access various applications. Downloads are dynamic, so you will receive your favorite information as and when it is published. The “Live tiles”  is another reason why the Windows 8 interface resembles that of the mobile phone version of Windows 7 and will be the uniform interface for all Microsoft products in future including the Xbox Music, Office etc.

You can change the background color and the functions of the Modern UI interface. Windows 8 also has new applications. As you can imagine, this interface will propose new applications adapted: Modern UI applications. Among them you will find such titles as “News” to follow the daily news, “Voyage” for successful stays or “Sport” to have access to sports results.

Sharing files between computers has changed. You can now share files between multiple computers also running Windows 8 by applying Skydrive (online your hard drive) on your computer already. When you are with friends, for example, you can make them listen to music on your computer by logging into your personal session (previously created). Surfing the latter, you will have access to all data stored on your computer (music, photos, files etc).

The “look” of Windows 8 has changed, when you need to find a document, information, video and application, simply type your search in the search bar dedicated to this purpose. This will allow you to quickly and easily find the subject of your search. The tape-menu will allow you to have faster access to features and makes it easier by displaying commands directly. You will also receive a download store online. There are also new features in terms of protecting user accounts ensuring the security of your data, such as the ability to choose a password image, or a combination of three steps to reproduce an image.

Windows 8 will have a task manager clarified and simplified, easy to use for novices. An operating system for touch pads is available (as mentioned earlier), though they probably will be used more for commercial reasons. Windows 8 is optimized for mobile devices. It will support the ARM architecture used on tablets and mobile phones. For even more visual comfort, the Metro applications work in both portrait and landscape. Windows 8 is a complete operating system and in tune with the times, offering significant benefits and new features.

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