What is the Mozilla Firefox browser

The market is full of browsers developed by third-party developers, and while there have been reports of some of these browsers causing problems to the users’ PCs or even extracting unnecessary data, there are some third party browsers that are designed to be robust and just as good as the mainstream competitors. One such browser is Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox was a browser that immediately burst into the competition thanks to its open-source nature, superb speed, and accurate rendering. At a time when the Internet Explorer was sinking, Chrome was settling in, Safari was also in a transition, Firefox was like a breath of fresh air to the users. There was a time when Firefox was literally the most downloaded browser in the market.

However, in a few years, Chrome and Safari set up their domination, and the Firefox browser seemingly disappeared from the scene, until recently, where Firefox returned with brand new design, optimized performance, and great new features that include –

Firefox Monitor – This feature keeps your passwords and online data secure, and anytime there is a data breach, Firefox ensures that you are protected and also gives you. a detailed report of which website was trying to access your data and in what way.

Pocket – The pocket feature allows you to access curated content based on your interests. The best part about pocket is that it filters out clickbait content, and presents the only fact-checked articles, that will help you get the right kind of information for your topics of interest.

Along with these features, the Firefox browser also features the slew of security features that you fins as defaults in the mainstream browsers today.

The interface of the Mozilla Firefox browser has been one of the most fluid for a very long time, and the new refreshed browser just takes that forward. We love how the whole browser handles and the response times are just top-notch.

Coming to the compatibility, the Firefox browser is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and also mobile platforms in iOS and Android. All of these are free downloads, and you can download the version of your choice by clicking here.


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