What is the latest version of Wear OS

The latest segment of technology where Google has made a mark is a wearable tech. A segment that started with simple fitness trackers, has now evolved into full-fledged smartwatches, which are now at a point where they can actually automate most smartphone functions.

Like other smart devices, the first requirement for these smart watch devices is an operating system. In the case of Android-powered smartwatches, this is nothing but WearOS. Based heavily on their Android smartphone platform, WearOS combines simplicity and attention to detail in a beautiful cohesive package that allows you to enjoy the complexity of a watch with the fluidity of Android.

Just like Android OS, Google has been consistently working on improving the Wear OS platform, bringing in much-needed enhancements and features that make the platform robust and stable. The OS, which started with version 1.0 back in March 2018, has undergone several changes and updates, with a new version coming almost on a monthly basis.

Recently, with the ongoing pandemic, Google decided to bring in a new ‘Wash Hands’ functionality, which meant releasing another Wear OS update. This new version, 2.19 is currently the latest version of Wear OS available for all Android smartwatches.

Google has been tightlipped about the future of Wear OS, with no official updates coming out in that respect. They do remain optimistic, however, and have committed to further the development of the platform for the coming years. With new OEMs slowly joining the WearOS bandwagon, it’s only a matter of time before we see a new big release for the Wear OS lineup.


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