What is Replacing Google Hangouts ?

Google announced in early 2019, that they are in the process of replacing the very popular Hangouts app with two stand-alone apps – Google Meet (Hangouts Meet) and Google Chat. Enterprises around the world, who use G-Suite services, will now have to make the transition from Hangouts, and according to the latest report, the official phase-out will begin in June 2020.

Both apps are currently available for download on the App Store and the Play Store, and users can now download them if they want to make the transition right away.

In this article, we will talk about the two apps and how enterprises and individuals can make the switch.

Google Meet (Hangouts)

Many enterprises today rely on video conferencing apps to collaborate with their counterparts across the world. Apps like Skype for Business and Zoom are already making waves in the market, and the new Google Meet (Hangouts) app is yet another option for people to try out.

The advantage with Google Meet (Hangouts) is that there are no complicated signup procedures. if you have a G-Suite account or even an individual @gmail.com email id, you can use the Google Meet (Hangouts) app by simply signing in.

Another nice touch with the Google Meet (Hangouts) app is that both G-Suite and individual users receive the same interface in-app and all the features, with just one little catch.

You can currently set up a video conference on the Google Meet (Hangouts) app, only with a G-Suite account. Individual account users can only join a video conference. Something you should keep in mind.

The interface is clean, which is very much like Google, and the controls are clear and easy to understand.

As it stands, the Google Meet (Hangouts) app is a visible upgrade on the standard Hangouts app and the transition is definitely worth it.

Google Chat

The second app that will replace the Hangouts app, is the Google chat app. Built for enterprise-level group chats, Google Chat has a layout that is similar to the very popular Slack app.

You have the ability to send messages to individual accounts, just like Hangouts, while the group feature has been integrated and further refined.

If you have other G-Suite apps installed, Google chat seamlessly communities with them whenever needed.

The search option has been made even more powerful and now lets you search for people or content in a conversation much faster and accurately.

Lastly, setting up meetings is a breeze, thanks to the integrated schedule meeting option.

Suffice to say, both these apps together, will form a truly formidable combination of tools.

In conclusion, if you own an Enterprise G-Suite plan or even an individual account, you should definitely make the transition to the Google Meet (Hangouts) and Google Chat apps today.

Links to download the apps are given below.

Google Meet (Hangouts)

App Store – Click here

Play Store – Click here

Google Chat

App Store – Click here

Play Store – Click here


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