What is Android Auto

One of the most up and coming segments of technology is Auto Tech. With cars now moving towards a more digital platform, brands like Google and Apple have caught the wave and introduced their versions of an in-car OS. This OS runs all the digital tasks that you perform in your car, like playing the music, calling your friends or family, navigating to a particular destination, or just looking up the nearby coffee shop. The best part though is that these new Operating systems are derivatives of the popular mobile OS. In the case of Android, their version of the Auto Operating System is called Android Auto’.

Most Automotive brands have now started adopting Android Auto has a default platform in their vehicles, and this is great since a majority of car owners at least one Android device. Now, let’s take a look at what exactly Android Auto brings to the table.

Number 1. The Google Assistant

Arguably, the most useful feature in cars today is Google Assistant. We live in a time where multi-tasking is the name of the game and no matter what we are doing, the temptation to use the smartphone is real. Google Assistant has evolved through the years, and now, it can accomplish absolutely anything you can dream up.

Making the Google Assistant, the backbone of the Android Auto platform is a masterstroke, as it puts complete control at the press of a button. The steering wheel of the Android Auto compatible cars now features a Google Assistant button that you can use to fire up the Assistant and get to work.

Number 2. Navigation

Earlier, when you were driving a car, and you needed instructions, you had to depend on your partner navigating for you, or if you were alone, you had to ask around, or rely on a third-party navigation system, whose accuracy was as vague as it comes.

Now, thanks to Android Auto and the Google Assistant, you can now reach the right place at the right time using Google Maps Navigation. The Navigation software offered by Google is by far the best in the market, and now, thanks to Android Auto, its a default in your car.

Number 3. Call and Text 

The Android Auto platform helps you respond to texts and calls by reading them out to you, and notifying you if a call is incoming. You can either answer it now or send a quick text notifying the caller that you are driving. The best part is that you do not need to move a finger off the steering wheel.

Number 4. Music, News, and Podcasts on the go

You can use the Google Assistant on Android Auto to play your favorite music, podcasts, or even have read out breaking news to you. Google has a dedicated service for all of these, but if you use other streaming services, Android Auto likely supports them too.

You can check if your car is compatible with Android Auto by heading to this link.


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