What can an Apple Watch do without an iPhone

One of the most exciting pieces of technology that has come out of Apple is the Apple Watch. Wearable tech was not going great guns with some lackluster outings from the Android camp. However, when Apple launched its smartwatch, the whole game was an absolute domination.

Today, Apple Watch enjoys Lion’s share of users and even popularity. The best part is that Apple has been hard at work on its Apple Watch lineup, with a new model releasing every year and huge improvements to the WatchOS platform keeping older models right up there in the race.

The best part about the Apple Watch is the fact that on its own also, it can help you accomplish a lot of the tasks that were initially possible with only your smartphone.

The Apple Watch comes in two major variants – WiFi and Wifi+Cellular. Both of the variants can act self sufficiently whenever the need arises.

Let’s take a look at what an Apple Watch can do without an iPhone.

Number 1. App notifications

When you have an Apple watch connected to your Wifi or Cellular network, it will keep giving you app notifications like email alerts, Whatsapp alerts, Instagram updates, and much more. You don’t always need to have your iPhone around to check what’s new.

Number 2. Fitness Tracking

The Apple Watch comes with a slew of fitness features that can act on their own. The Generation 6 Apple Watch that just released helps you monitor your heart rate, take an ECG straight from your Apple Watch, and now even track blood oxygen levels. Eventually, the data is synced to your iPhone, but you can take the reading and view the result directly on your watch first.

It also has preset fitness modes that you can activate and track your activity in detail. Here again, you can view the entire report on your Apple Watch first, and then sync it to your iPhone once it is accessible.

Number 3. Make calls and send messages

The WiFi+Cellular version of the Apple Watch features a SIM clone feature, where it holds an E-SIM that contains your primary contact details. Through this, you can place calls and even send messages to anyone in your contacts directly from your Apple Watch. This is great especially when you are driving, or in a situation where your iPhone is not easily accessible.

Number 4. Media Control

The Apple Watch is fully capable of controlling your media playback without the iPhone in the picture. For example, if you are listening to a song on Spotify or watching a show on Netflix on your Macbook, you can play or pause the content directly from your Apple Watch.

Apple understands that for a device to be successful, it needs to be autonomous and the Apple Watch is a great testament to that belief.

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