What are the best lightweight web browsers?

Web browsers today, are built ot be lightweight by default, in order to support computers that are older or run basic configurations. The advantage of such browsers is that they are made as spartan as possible. This means, they have no fluff, not unnecessary, and flashy GUI elements, and the focus here is more towards your web browsing experience.

While the big-name browsers, like Chrome, Safari, and Edge are optimized, there are some alternatives that truly embrace the lightweight tag.

In this article, we will tell you some of the best lightweight web browsers.

Number 1. Opera Web browser

Opera has been around for as much time as any of the previously mentioned mainstream web browsers. With a compatibility list that extends to every computer and mobile platform, this is a browser that is the absolute go-to, when it comes to choosing an alternative for your web browsing needs.

Recently, Opera went through an overhaul, and the latest release also comes with a VPN feature built-in. This means, your web browsing sessions are not only kept safe, they are also anonymous at all times.

To add to their portfolio, Opera also released a new gamer-friendly version of their browser. Called, the Opera GX, this browser will help you suck out every bit of power from your PC to give you a seamless browser gaming experience.

Overall, the Opera browser is the absolute king as far as lightweight browsers are concerned. Also, it’s a free download, so go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Click here, to head straight to their download page.

Number 2. UR Browser

The next in line, in terms of lightweight browsers, is the UR browser. This chromium-based browser is has everything you need and more when it comes to supporting the lower end or older PCs. It does not load any ads or unnecessary tracking scripts maintains browsing security and keeps the performance sharp.

The UR browser also allows you to perform some customizations, which helps you get a unique experience, and with parallel downloading, the files you want will be on your PC in literally half the time.

All in all, the UR browser is a good alternative lightweight browser, especially, if you love the Chromium package.

Click here to head to the Download page of the UR browser.

Number 3. Lunascape browser

Finally, we have the Lunascape browser. What sets this browser apart from the rest of the competition, is the fact that it contains three render engines – Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), or WebKit (Safari and formerly Chrome) all bundled into a single browser.

It has been developed by the Lunascape organization in Japan and is available for all major platforms on PC and mobile.

The Lunascape browser contains everything you expect from a lightweight web browser, but it is fairly obvious, that Lunascape is going in heavy with its multi-render platform.

So, if you want to experience this platform for yourself, you can download the lightweight Lunascape browser from here.

There you go, the three best lightweight browsers that you can download and use on your PCs today. Also while lightweight browsers are primarily made for older PCs, you can always use them on your system, irrespective of the specifications.


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