What app do smartwatches with Wear OS use

The latest segment of technology where Google has made a mark is a wearable tech. A segment that started with simple fitness trackers, has now evolved into full-fledged smartwatches, which are now at a point where they can actually automate most smartphone functions.

Like other smart devices, the first requirement for these smart watch devices is an operating system. In the case of Android-powered smartwatches, this is nothing but WearOS. Based heavily on their Android smartphone platform, WearOS combines simplicity and attention to detail in a beautiful cohesive package that allows you to enjoy the complexity of a watch with the fluidity of Android.

For the Wear OS smartwatches to work seamlessly, Google has introduced the Wear OS app for both Android and iOS devices. The Wear OS app is mandatory if you have a corresponding smartwatch as it is through this app that you can actually go about the whole setup.

Once you have paired your smartwatch and smartphone through the WearOS app, you can essentially control every aspect of your smartwatch through the app. This includes enabling/disabling notifications, changing or downloading new watch faces, modifying permissions for apps, and even monitoring battery life.

Google ensures that they keep the Wear OS app updated alongside the WearOS platform itself and this further ensures that you maintain seamless connectivity between the smartphone and smartwatch at all times.

The Wear OS app is available as a free download on both Android and iOS platforms, so make sure you have downloaded the same before starting the setup of your new WearOS smartwatch.

The links to download the Wear OS app are given below.

Click here for Android.

Click here for iOS.


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