Wash your genitals properly please - A request from Dubai escort

If you have read any of my writing before, you probably know that I am a Dubai escort, although I am currently working as an erotic masseuse – so I basically give clients a sexy massage with a hand job at the end or more up to his budget.

One thing that is annoying the hell out of me this week… men who do not wash their cocks properly!!

Honestly, I see on average 3 men a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. At least half of these guys (mainly the ones with foreskins) have smelly cocks – even after they’ve had a shower!

I know what you’re thinking. “The only guys who would go to escorts in Dubai would be dirty guys anyway, that’s probably why they don’t wash their genitalia properly.” – WRONG! I have multimillion dollar business owners in Dubai, lawyers, accountants etc as clients. Men who are meant to have it all together, but can’t seem to get their personal hygiene down.

Sometimes the smell almost makes me gag! I have to sit as far away from their cock as possible and I wear a latex glove. I tell the guy that I have a cut on my hand because as much as I want to grab him and scream “WASH YOUR GOD DAMN COCK PROPERLY,” I also do not want to touch it and I also do not want to offend him so he doesn’t come back. In my line of work, regulars are where you make your money.

So to end this short, not so sweet note, Gentlemen – if you have a foreskin, roll it down and wash your cock thoroughly!! Even if you don’t have a foreskin, still, wash your cock thoroughly. Women do not want to smell your dick cheese!

Audrey Segal xxx

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