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When it comes to wireless routers, not many brands offer the consistency and quality that Synology brings to the table. After the highly successful RT1900AC Router, Synology is back with a new model of wireless router. Christened, the RT2600AC, the router packs a much bigger punch compared to its already capable predecessor. Costing almost $80 more than the RT1900AC, the Synology RT2600AC gives you a definite bang for the buck by offering the users one of the most comprehensive sets of features in the router market.

Synology RT2600 AC Router is a beast among network routers in its league

Like all 2600AC routers, the Synology RT2600AC Router is a quad stream router which can hit speeds up to 1733 megabits per second on the 5 GHz band while the 2.4GHz band can get the RT2600AC to hit speeds up to 800Mbps. While these numbers may be a pretty much standard issue for most high-performance routers in the market, what makes the Synology RT2600AC stand out is its operating system, also known as, the Synology Router Management.

The speciality of the Synology Router Management OS is that while it still operated through the web, the overall interface is completely light, optimised and more user-friendly. Most routers in the market have the users go through a huge hassle in order to get configurations or make settings changes on their router. The Synology RT2600AC is nothing like the rest. The whole process is an absolute treat and very hassle-free.

Another little feature that users get is the free DS-router app, which lets you control the router settings using your smartphone both at home or when you are away. Overall, setting up this router is more in sync with setting up a new computer than setting up a network device, but that said, once you have set it up, the experience is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Taking things a step further is the Package Center. This is basically like an app store for the router, with a plethora of well designed and superbly optimised apps that add more functionality to the RT2600AC router. However, do keep in mind that, since the router does not have a lot of built-in storage, you will have to invest in an SD card or an external USB storage device in order to install most of the packages. Some of these packages also include their own built in apps, which means you can even stream media to your device when you are out.

Coming to the built in features, the Synology RT2600AC Router has a huge buffet of built-in features which alone could give it the crown for best in-class router. One of them is the Web Filter. Parental controls have taken a prominence thanks to many youngsters getting access to the internet very early on these days. It has become imperative for the parents to protect their young ones from potentially harmful and sensitive content online. The Web filter on the RT2600AC router filters content and blocks access to content based on categories like adult, social networking, ads, etc. The user can initiate the block as per a set schedule or even do so manually.

Another nifty feature is the Web traffic control. Here, users can manage and monitor their internet bandwidth. The router sends detailed reports on the internet usage and the specifics of the traffic on the sites in use, giving the user full access to the information in order to take action if required.

Probably the only hitch on the RT2600AC router is the number of network ports. While we do get one standard WAN port, the router only features 4 other LAN ports. Do note that you can use one LAN port as a secondary WAN port if required. However, this only leaves you with 3 LAN ports for wired clients. You can increase the number of ports using an adapter or dongle, but just as a future note, Synology should really consider including more LAN ports just for convenience.

The shortage of ports, however, has no effect on the absolutely mind-blowing performance. On the 5GHz band, the Synology RT2600AC Router topped the charts with sustained speeds of around 715Mbps at close range (15 feet). Increasing the distance does bring the average down to around 450 Mbps, but that too is pretty impressive.

On the 2.5GHz band, the router hits speeds of 250Mbps at close range, while increasing the distance dropped the average to 120Mbps. Not the best numbers on the chart, but do keep in mind, that the industry is now adopting the 5GHz band as the standard, which has brought down the attention on the 2.5GHz band by a considerable amount. That said, these numbers should give you a handy connection anyways.

The Synology RT2600AC router aced the stress test by transmitting data seamlessly for four days straight without a single disconnection. proving yet again, why its the best in the business, and also cementing its place at the top thanks to a robust blend of hardware and software.

All in all, the Synology RT2600AC router is an offering for both brackets of people- the ones who just want to get online, and those who want a truly customised browsing and streaming experience. The only reason you wouldn’t buy this router is if you didn’t have a $250 budget. If budget is not a constraint, and you simply want the best router on offer, your answer is the Synology RT2600AC.


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