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We all are aware about the advantages of SSD, but then due to the price it was always the second choice of the users. HDD always was preferred over SSD not for the features that it provides but for the only reason that it was and still is cheaper. But things are changing with the times and now laptops are introducing SSD to make them light in weight. Another benefit of the SSD is that your laptop will start in few seconds now. Earlier, we all know how much time our computer used to take to start and it was all due to the presence of HDD. SDD was in use for a long time, but it was mainly used in medical or military or aeronautical field, but in 2007 they ventured into the consumer space and from then on it has been a long journey. They have been developed in order to ensure that they fit the budget too. Strontium is one name which is trying to reach out to users with their SSD drive at a reasonable range of $200.

Some details about SSD

Strontium HAWK SSD is said to be the best solution for your computer. If you want to speed up the operation or reduce the blowing noise that your HDD makes then this 2.5 inch portable SSD will help you out. In order to make improve performance 19nm Multi Level Cell NAND Flash has been put to use. It can also read and write sequentially without any problem instead the speed that it offers is something you will enjoy while working. It is otherwise really boring and distracting when you are working on slow speed as you will click on one thing and it will take forever to open up. This SSD is a perfect companion of Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Industrial PCs and Desktops. If you are an owner of Mac, then you can also avail the services of SSD as it is compatible with Mac too. It is high on performance but low on consumption of power.


You will be able to use it for high- end notebooks and the thin or light notebooks available in the market. The reason why thin notebooks are making use of it is because if they use HDD then they will not be able to reduce the weight nor make the notebooks work exceedingly fast. SSD has the ability to do that and it can easily fit into your personal computer as well as your tablet. Therefore, it is not restricting itself to one category only instead it is trying to reach out to most users be it computer user or the laptop user or the tablet users. It is not that heavy in weight and that is the reason of its growing popularity and with a price range around $200 people will hopefully try to explore more of this SSD. The upgrade kit is provided to the users who want to make the most of this SSD.

SSD Upgrade kit

You must be wondering what you will get with the upgrade kit! So here is what you can expect out of it. First the obvious and that is 2.5 inch HAWK SSD, 3.5 inch Bracket and the mounting screws, 2.5 inch USB Enclosure, Data Cable, SATA Power and Acronis Hard Drive Cloning software. All these extra tools are provided some more value can be added to the HAWK SSD.


Final Thoughts

If you want to reduce the annoying noise, increase the speed and produce less heat when you are working then you can give this a try. It will surely help you work better and the price is somewhat reasonable.SSD Form Factor2.5” for portable computer need19nm MLC NAND Flash for Fast PerformanceConnector2.5” Standard SATAMLC NAND Flash for Fast PerformanceSequential Performance (256KB, MAX)       Read534 MB/s (MAX)       Write482 MB/s (MAX)Random Performance (4KB, MAX)       Read90,000 IOPS       Write35,000 IOPSSupports SATA I/ II/ III InterfaceTRIM support (O/S support required)High Compatibility with MBP seriesMean Time Between Failure (MBTF) 1.5MBit Error Rate (BER)1 error in 1015 bits transferredPower Consumption       Active0.82W (Typ.)       Idle0.26W (Typ.)Voltage5.0V±5%Temperature Range Operating, (Storage)0°C to 70°C (-55°C to 95°C)Three years Strontium warrantyAvailable Capacities120GB and 240GBDimension100 x 69.85 x 7 mmWeightNearly 52gComes with2.5” HAWK SSD2.5” USB Enclosure3.5 Bracket & Mounting ScrewsSATA Power and Data Cable Acronis Hard Drive Cloning Software


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