Sponsored Video: Mixing Work and Personal life is Fun with Asus Padfone

If there was a phone which would make our life simple and working so much fun then it must be Asus Fonepad. It makes your work so much more fun to do with this go to device. Keeping in touch with family ,friends ,colleagues and your boss as well have never been so easy. The Asus Fonepad with Intel Inside comes with a combination of a smartphone and a tablet.

When you are in a middle of a boring presentation then all of a sudden a phone ring can break the monotonous babbling of the numbers present on the presentation. You will be able to enjoy some real numbers from your favorite team’s score. Yes, that might get you some serious look from other’s presence in the meeting but you can ignore them as they are simply jealous.

With the good quality front camera in your phone you can now capture some of the best moments with your loved ones yourself. But there are people all around the world who just love to help others so they might not know about the feature and land up out of nowhere to help you out. Further in their quest of helping you get that perfect picture they might end up taking your calls as well as they are so excited to hold the Asus Fonepad in their hand. This Fonepad not only gives you some memorable moments but also provides you with the funniest experience of your life as well.

When you and your friend are setting up a YouTube video, the girl with whom you wanted to go out calls you. You can gauge the look on your friend’s face through the corner of your eyes but the call is as important as making the video so, go ahead with the phone call as the video can wait but the girl won’t. Post sponsored by Asus.

If you want to define Asus Fonepad then you can say that it is a mix of your personal and office life. Even in most critical situation like diffusing a bomb you can set up a dinner date. This will make you understand how easy life can be when you have Asus Fonepad in our pocket.

Post sponsored by Asus


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