Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphones [Review]

Some brand names like Sony and Pioneer are synonymous with great home audio, but these days people are turning to Sennheiser when it comes to headphones technology. This is a company that keeps their customer base happy with regular upgrades of current models that always offer something new. The Sennheiser RS 180 is in the upper echelon of their great home wireless devices and it combines practicality with extravagance without costing a fortune. Pound for pound, it’s one of the best wireless headphones in its price category and you might be able to find a great deal during the Christmas season. Just keep in mind these headphones are much more than something that are designed to keep the noise down so you don’t wake up your neighbors. It’s more for people who truly want a stellar way to enhance home visuals with the best sound quality available.

One problem with wireless technology in the past is a degradation in performance when compared to something in the “wired” category. Sometimes it’s just a matter of simple physics and the fact that a physical cord is going to provide a stronger connection than something that is wireless. But Sennheiser has been refining their approach, and this particular product offers an extremely strong transmitter that cuts down on like tremendously. It illuminates that lower hissing sound that is sometimes associated with cheaper products on the market, and that means crystal-clear audio for whatever form of media you’re enjoying.

The transmitter also serves as the cradle that are used to recharge the headphones when not in use. It will easily blend with your home decor but more importantly, it offers a full range of motion that allows you to situate yourself anywhere you like. Unlike less expensive headphones on the market, you don’t have to be directly in line of sight with the transmitter. You can basically be sitting upside down on the couch or even in a separate room and you’ll still be able to hear audio clearly coming through. It also operates at a frequency that won’t interfere with other devices which means you can integrate it into your existing home entertainment set up quite easily.

In addition to high quality sound that takes home viewing to a whole new level, there are many practical reasons to love this product as well. For example, it’s incredibly comfortable and it will allow you to engage in long viewing sessions with your favorite movies without experiencing discomfort. Some headphones on the market are prone to cause listener fatigue but the RS 180 does a great job at raising sound levels in a natural way while physically resting comfortably over your ears. The battery life is also excellent and you’ll appreciate that recharge time is relatively low, and that means you won’t have to wait long in between using this product. Features

  1. Open, circum-aural digital wireless headphones with Kleer’s uncompressed audio transmission

  2. Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets for clear and detailed audio reproduction

  3. Multi-purpose transmitter – Also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station

  4. Multi-receiver transmission – Up to 4 people listening to the same source

  5. Automatic level control for optimum audio levels

  6. Balance control for right/left volume adjustment

  7. Ergonomic and adjustable headband for an excellent and secure fit

  8. Extremely comfortable velour earpads and headband cushions

  9. No set-up required – Just plug and play!

  10. 2 year warranty

While this product is affordable from a home-audio lover’s point of view, it might be beyond the regular budget of some people. There are definitely decent options you can get that can cost you as little as $30, just don’t expect the level of performance you would get with the RS 180. Depending on the time of year, the Sennheiser RS 180 retails for around $200 -$300 which is a significant amount of money no matter how you look at it. But if you can budget accordingly there is no doubt you’ll get full value for your money with a product that will immerse you in a whole new type of viewing environment thanks to spectacular sound. It doesn’t just pump up the volume and make things louder, it allows you to customize your overall preferences to create the perfect conditions for television and movies.

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