Samsung Galaxy NX Review

Samsung Galaxy NX300 interchangeable lens camera is so far the best shooter till now from Samsung flagship. It offers excellent image quality, hybrid-autofocus capabilities, and integrated Wi-Fi. Its price starts in the market for $550. It’s a competitive option to grab the Android based lens camera NX300. Well, there are many specifications of Samsung Galaxy NX300 which will make you crazy. Its highlighted feature is that it’s Android based camera which means you can share your images with everyone through your camera directly.

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Hardware Review

When we look at the NX300 hardware specifications then there are two things which should be considered: one is DRIMe IV image processor and 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. Also, 1.6 GHz quad-core Pega-Q chipset keeps the operating system Jellybean to work in a smooth pace. Samsung Galaxy NX300 is the first camera ever with Android OS and the number of apps transforms this camera to the sizzling beast.

Coming to its shape and size there are fewer buttons in the camera and all settings are adjusted within the camera app for Android. You can access the apps through 4.8 inch, 720p touch LCD. It also contains 0.46 inch SVGA electronic viewfinder which gives the good preview screen with information on the screen like aperture and shutter speed.

There’s a lens release of 18-55 mm/3.5-5.6 kit at the front, then a microphone, pop up flash, power button, control dial, shutter release, and video record button at the top. On the left side you can find Micro-SD port, earphone jack, and HDMI port. Also, there are slots for Micro-SIM, micro-SD, and battery compartments.

Software Review

Samsung Galaxy NX300 is the Android OS based camera which gives you the freedom of using any app on your camera. You can install any photo app and can add effect, stills to your images. Also, you can share your images with everyone out there in the world by sharing your images in the cloud. NX features manual lenses which means you can zoom in and out in any app.

However you have to launch the camera app and unlock the NX to tweak any settings. You can select the shutter speed and aperture from “expert” options but tweaking any settings doesn’t works out always.

If you’re shooting through any third party app then you will be limited in using Automatic Options. You can click the images, save it and later you can access them through Instagram and Twitter, but the bug is you cannot open the full-res images in the gallery. However, Samsung always faced this problem but they have tried something new in this camera.

Image Quality

Though, the image quality is so far the best camera from Samsung with awesome image quality. The image quality of Samsung Galaxy NX300 is top-notch, and you can set the resolution, focus, and sensitivity in ISO of the images any time depending on the type of environment. For example on the summer day you can select an exposure of 1/200 second at f/6.1 and a sensitivity of ISO 100.

Sample image Detail.

Samsung Galaxy NX sample gallery.

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Create your Own Photo Album

You can create your own album in the NX300 and store it for making digital e-book. You can reshape, resize it later to share your album with everyone in this world.

Enable photo-based suggestions

You can also visit the places of the photos during your journey using hotspot. Through photo-based suggestion you can search the place and can click memorable images for you again.Photo Suggest instantly connects you to huge libraries of images taken by fellow photographers.

Change the lens

You can change the lens of the NX300 depending on the type of light and environment. You can change it to hybrid autofocus or light-capture exposures. Also, you can add some wonderful effects to your images.

About Android OS

In Samsung Galaxy NX300 you can find the Android Jelly bean OS. It’s the first and foremost combination of camera and Android features in this camera. And, the quad core chips are helping the OS to run smoothly in this camera.

Although, it serves the best image and video quality but compared to other DSLR's on the same price range its not up to the mark, having a complete Android OS with Wifi and cellular has opened up possibilities to share your snaps on a variety of social media platforms ,live video broadcast ,live blogging. The battery just lasted 6 hours of shooting as the large screen, Wifi consumes the battery very fast .The price is 6000 AED which is very high when you compare with other DSLR's available in the market.The only reason to buy this camera is if you are looking Android powered high end camera this is the one you should go for.





Image Quality


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Value For Money



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