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Hi! guys and girls. My friend Ian wrote to me the other day, detailing about his wild experience with a London escort. I found his story intriguing and rather lavish in detail, he's been begging me to release his story, which I admit is raunchy, inspiring and compelling to say the least. Now without further due, this is Ian's heaven of a story and in his own words. Enjoy!

Dear Audrey, I am Ian's. This is my story of having sex with one of your elite class escort agency in a 5-star hotel. A year back when I was working with one of Dubai's top multinational companies. I and my team were rewarded with a two-day trip including a sex treat at the hotel. This was a paid service by an Elite Dubai Escort agency. I was in love with the feeling to have sex with an escort in Dubai that I have heard that it is a different lovemaking experience. We arrived at the hotel on Friday night. After dinner, we were to go to the theater-like room of the hotel with club lighting. As soon we five team members seated on chairs the lights got dimmed and we observed 5 sexy and hot shadows coming from the backstage. As soon they started to be visible, we couldn't stop ourselves from appreciating the girls. They were all dressed up erotically in mini skirts and blouses.

They started teasing us with their enticing looks. I couldn't realize but soon I was focused on a girl that was a complete beauty with an hourglass shape, dressed up in blood red. She was just before me having her hand sliding slightly into her blouse and then skirts. Then she leaned down on the stage with her breast touching the floor. She slid her tongue over her lips. Her sagging boobs were making me hard. She stood up and stripped off her skirt and blouse and started rubbing her pussy on a chair on stage. I was super-hot till then. She continued licking the arms of the chair and then a pool standing nearby. Her pool dance gave me a pre-cum when her pussy rubbed against the pool and she placed the pool between her boobs and slide down. It became hard for me to resist her when she invited me over the stage. I immediately went up. She made me sit her chair and started massaging my breast with her hands. I notice my other friends having hard times with the hands-on their dicks and one was on the stage with another girl. Definitely, having time with Elite class escort was an out of the world experience.

My girl whispered near my ear, "I am Mia".

And then leaned on the floor again with her ass towards me. There was a wine bottle with a glass on the floor that I didn't notice before. She poured some wine and came back towards me. Bring the glass closer to my lips and then touched her boobs on the other side of its edge. With her other hand, she unhooks her brazier and threw that away. She had beautiful big boobs that were completely natural and soft. She raised the glass to pour that wine in between her boobs. I approached to lick her cleavage and she pressed her breast against my face. I slid my hand under her pussy and just gave a touch to her clit. And slid my hand back as I as in no hurry to take it to the climax.

She held my hand and bring me in a room in the back of the stage. I was a classic room with a white interior that I merely noticed as it was tough to take my eyes off of her body. I took her in my arms and seated on the sofa. I took off her panty and approached for a slimy liquid at the table, that she signaled me towards. She leaned on the sofa and I came at her back with that white liquid in hand. I poured that on her boobs and between her cleavage, that spill down to her clit. I started giving her boobs a massage as I was not able to stop me from touching her boobs. She started rubbing her pussy. and her little moans gave music to that calm room. She got up and came in front of me, placed her soft lips against mine that I accepted by giving place to her tongue right into my mouth, and sucked it for a while then we spend some time in a French kiss. She gently kissed my lips and then started coming down kissing to my neck, then chest and circled her tongue around my nipples giving me delight. She licked them and placed her hand against my penis that was very hard by that time.

She unzipped my pants; slid it down and kissed my penis over my boxers. She licked up to the tip and then slid back down my boxers too. I was ready for a fascinating experience that was causing arousal. As soon as she removed my boxers, the 7.5-inch monster stood erected before her and almost touched her nose, then lips. She gave a gentle kiss at the tip in return and sucked the tip of the penis for a while. Then she licked it down to the testis and then up to the hole crazily, as she had got her favorite ice-cream after months. I was full of joy and then suddenly she took half of that monster into her mouth and dig it deep down right into her throat. The pleasure was impeccable. The blowjob was beyond what I ever had before. I started thrusting my penis even deeper and she took it so comfortable although that make her face red and blushing. I jerked off until I cum into her mouth. She licked the whole stuff and make me sit over the sofa. And Sat beside me. I was relaxed once and needed a break. An elite Dubai escort girl knew it.

She walked to the fridge and brought some vine and turned on the wall-sized LED. After sitting for a while, we felt hungry and order snacks and received them after putting on gowns. There was a decent romantic movie playing on LED rather than nude porn and once again, I realized that why Elite Dubai escort service in an elite class escort as they actually know what you need. She started talking about my favorite movies, then stars, then sports, and I came to learn that she loves horse-riding and swimming. We talked for hours and I didn't get bored for a second. She had a good sense of humor and still, she was very gentle and decent in her talks. We moved to bed after the movie and talked for a while there. She gave me a hug and we slept.

It was sometime in the middle of the night when I felt a tickle on my testis. Her soft hands were playing with them. I knew that it was going to be the best night of my life. She started rubbing her tongue tip in between two balls. The sensation was elevating. And I was in heaven when she took those balls in her mouth. She rotated and came to sixty-nine giving me access to her sweet pink pussy.

I placed my mouth over it and started licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips. She was giving an erotic job to my testis, penis, and asshole. Every move of her tongue was giving me chills. Little drops of pre-cum were dripping and I was having the double pleasure of being licked and digging my tip of the tongue inside her pussy. After a long and erotic session of mutual licking, she sat up facing me. I helped her take-in my erected penis into her wet pussy and she started fucking me hard. She was equally good at that too. The feel of her tight pussy and the view of those big moving boobs were giving me more erection inside her pussy and it was becoming tighter and tighter for me. It was a complete massage service for my penis with pussy walls rubbing it and its contractions giving it another level of pleasure. I grabbed her bag breasts and started molding and scolding them. I can see the pleasure and little pain in her eyes. It was a treat for me.

After twenty minutes of extreme fuck, it was still up. She got up and leaned in the doggy style. I tried to thrust my dick into her asshole. It was tight like hell and I had to lubricate my penis to dig it inside. She screamed with pain but I didn't care as I was too hard to stop. I grabbed her from hair in my one hand and her boob on the other. It became like rough sex for the first time when I scolded her badly and pulled her neck with hair. Then came another treat!

I felt something soft against my back. It was the boobs of another girl from the elite Dubai escort, with a friend of mine from the team. Both of them decided to have group sex hence came inside. I was high at the time and loved the gesture. As I was inside Elsa's ass the other girl named Kate started licking my testis and she was being licked by David. The room was full of moans and groans. David got up and started caressing Elsa. He pressed her boobs and kissed her lips. I pulled out my tool and sat on a chair. Elsa came over me and started rubbing her ass on my dick then I sild the rod in her ass again. David comes over and thrust her penis inside her pussy. This double penetration makes Elsa cry out of pain and joy. She was full of tears when Kate started licking her boobs. This chemistry filled the room with the smells of arousal's. Meanwhile, David was smooching Kate's boobs and licking her nipples often. we were all in heaven that we never wanted to leave. David came inside Elsa and his penis slid out. Kate took the seat and started licking Elsa's Clit and my penis at the same time while David was tongue smooching her pussy. He sucked her clit and dug his finger inside. Elsa and I received orgasms together. By then David was up again. He started handling Kate in doggy style while I slid under Kate and bit her nipple. She moaned with pleasure. Elsa started touching me down softly. After some time, Kate and David released and we relaxed where ever we were.

That night was an actual reward. We did chat for a while then headed to the swimming pool to have a swim together. It was memorable to spend some quality time with those gorgeous elite class escort girls as they were intelligent in addition to being sexual and erotic.

It was evening the next day when the girls departed and we immediately wished to see them again.

The next part of our reward included a shopping voucher. That seemed boring initially but turned out to be even more exciting. I would definitely share that experience with you in my next post.

Just one thing I want to say to the readers, if you're in Dubai and can afford luxury, never think to miss this pleasure from these elite class escort girls. You would regret it forever, my best wishes to all the readers. I hope that I have made a positive impact on your day and that you give support by sharing

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