Photos of an Adorable Meerkat in Al Ain Zoo

One of the animals that caught our attention during our visit to the Al Ain Zoo was a meerkat. We already passed by and took photos of a few animals when we chanced upon an open shelter with these creatures in it.

According to the description placed by Al Ain Zoo, Meerkats are active during the day and forage by turning over rocks and digging in soil and grass for insects. Their activities are controlled by the soil temperature. When the weather is too hot or cool they will remain in their burrow.

Anyway, I saw this particular meerkat that looked as though it was looking for something. My eyes were focused to where it was trying to go and what it was trying to find. I ended up taking plenty of pictures.

Spotting an Adorable Meerkat in Al Ain Zoo

it was observing its surroundings

It’s eyes were in wonder, looking at other visitors spending their day in the zoo. It also seemed restless. I was glad I was able to take some steady shots despite the short time.

walking further

timed shot

Some of my photos turned out blurry, some turned out alright. It’s nice to see animals such as this up close. I didn’t expect that this was great highlight in our trip to the greenest part of the UAE (Al Ain City).

one last look before it went into hiding

eyes seemed watery eh?

This meerkat is just one of the many beautiful animals that are housed in the zoo. You may check it out for day trip with friends/family/children for a fun and educational excursion. This trip to the Al Ain Zoo was organized by Funtours Dubai.  Below is their contact information.

How to Get There

You can take the bus from Dubai to Al Ain and then from Al Ain, take a taxicab to Al Ain Zoo. Otherwise, you can also book an organized tour with experienced tour agencies for the added convenience.

FunTours Dubai Website: Contact Number: 04 283 0889 Office Address: Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 114242

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