Nvidia Launches the GTX 980Ti

Last week Nvidia launched the new GTX 980Ti model of Graphics Processor Unit which is the newcomer in a long list of GPUs released by Nvidia so far.

The latest GTX 980Ti is the closest you can get to the top of the range TITAN  series of GPUs which have the highest performance specifications in the Nvidia product line. So if you are one of those that cannot or would not want to  shell out a lot for a GPU, specifically the TITAN then 980Ti is the next best GPU.

This new card is 6GB strong and can play video upto 4K resolution. Also its SLI ready which means you can put 2-3 of these in your rig and have a real powerful GPU performance, but that depends user to user basis.

Apart from those 3 key specs some features of this card include multi monitor support and also it can allow 4K to be played on monitors that are 1080p only. Also with a improved handling of overclocking this is card lets you as the user be very flexible.

After checking out some games like Witcher 3 and Project Cars which was provided for testing the graphics we found very smooth gameplay and minimal lag even when the settings were at Ultra.

For cooling purposes the stock Nvidia card has a fan of its own but if you intend to use the SLI and overclock it then liquid cooling maybe the safest way to prevent overheating damage to the GPU core.

This card will be available via its MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac partners as well as the stock Nvidia is always available to purchase. The only difference between stock and 3rd party will be some design changes and some visual features added like LEDs etc. So take your pick and game at the top level of GPU performance. The pricing for Gigabyte is around 2950AED which also includes the Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle.

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