NFC Solutions Taking On in a big way in UAE thanks to Dubai Leading technologies.

Most of the smartphones available in the market these days except for Apple’s iPhones, has equipped with NFC technology which is making lot of noise for the past one year as more and more smartphones comes enabled with this engineering marvel allowing you to transfer files on two devices which has these NFC chips enabled and allowing you to transfer any files just with a tap on the two devices Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip, called a “tag”.

One of the hurdles in NFC tech so far is people still use manual pairing of devices using Bluetooth to transfer of files which NFC eliminates just by tapping two devices together, There is a myth that NFC is only will be used for payments so most of people are waiting for the NFC payment gateways to be ready as in the case of Dubai RTA which will be implementing NFC ticketing for Dubai metro which will allow you to replace the NOL cards and use your smartphones for ticketing. The service, currently undergoing pilot testing, will be delivered in conjunction with mobile network operators Etisalat and Du and will go live in 2013, making it the first service of its kind in the Middle East.

In spite of the so called myth that NFC is not taking off as expected Dubai Leading tech a Dubai based company has already the pioneered NFC technology solutions giving a complete NFC solutions using NFC technology with the help of their sister company Near you leading technologies the NFC solution provider in India.

Being a digital marketing and an IT guy I was really interested for the NFC stickers, key chains and NFC posters which can be used for personal as well as commercial use. The cost of NFC stickers was much cheaper compared to the ones provided by other reputed brands .

What can you do with NFC stickers, posters or key chains?

The NFC tag can store and launch URL, phone numbers , notes/messages, connect to a WiFi launch an application and the best part you can control the phone settings for eg I pasted NFC sticker  on my computer so when I use my smartphone on this tag I programmed it to disable the WiFi and Data on the phone to avoid the notifications that may pop up .The possibilities are endless of what you can do with NFC stickers and key chains. For digital marketing you can have a NFC posters on your showroom asking customers to tap on the poster which redirect you to a Facebook page or a survey /contests or a good landing page which can engage the customer and also you can have a full scale analytics implemented helping you to track the no of visitors who used the particular NFC poster sounds interesting right ?

Check this video showing what else you can do with the help of NFC stickers.

The Android App NFC Task launcher is available at

And here is the demo of what can be done with the help of a NFC sticker and a NFC Task launcher app .

As said before there’s still the matter of changing consumer behavior  one tap at a time in implementing this cool technology.

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