Mosquito repellent Android app does it actually work?

Most of the day-to-day  tasks can be done on apps  these days and I was curious on the mosquito repellent android app advertisements running on TV thanks to idea cellular India for the advertisements. Searching for the term “Mosquito repellent “on Google Play (Android app market) will get you around 50 Android apps to choose from.Among the top 50 apps, Mosquito repellent by Green Mobile has an impressive 33,000 downloads with average  user rating 4.5. so decide to test this app.

The App Test :

Its my bedroom around 11:00pm, lights off the windows are open and there are no pest control devices/chemicals in the room.

I can hear buzzing sound of mosquitoes in the dark I guess a dozen of them hovering around my head ,attack!! took my htc phone went straight to the mosquito repellent app and hit the on button.

Bingo ! it works all the mosquitoes are gone to ensure it actually worked I tried it 3 times . This app prevented bites and I didn’t have to put on stinky spray repellent I totally recommend this! Turn your Android device into an insect deflector that is effective, chemical-free and safe to use around children and pets! I guess it keeps flies away too.

How did it work?

This app emits  emit high frequency ultrasonic sound which is not audible to humans but audible to insects like mosquitoes so in short they get scared/repelled by this sound thinking it’s a predator nearby.

Download Link :

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