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The world of technology is quickly turning wireless, and one of the best examples is the earphones. The humble device, that single-handedly allows users to drown shut themselves from the cacophony of the outside world has gone wireless and this just makes things all the more hassle-free for users who are continuously on the move. Gone are the days where tangled wires would create more problems than a project on the burner, and all this accomplished by marrying Bluetooth with the earphones. When we talk about the best in the business, the first name that comes to mind are the Apple AirPods. Launched alongside the ‘courageous’ iPhone X, the AirPods have become more or less, a staple for people who want the best media experience, and with a robust design, flawless connectivity and stunning battery life, the Apple Airports give users exactly the experience they crave. But what if you don’t like the AirPods? Maybe the one size fits all mantra doesn’t apply to you, or maybe the open air design makes you crank up the volume to unnaturally high levels. What then is the solution to this conundrum?

Say hello to the Jabra Elite 65T.

The design is practical, which means that the Elite 65T will fit most ears without the need for additional attachments (which can be a hassle). The connectivity, between the earphones and your device, as well the connectivity between the individual pods are stronger thanks to Bluetooth 5. Throw in a strong battery life and a compact carrying case, and that’s the Jabra Elite 65T in a nutshell. Sure, they don’t carry the fancy features such as an in-built fitness tracker or language translation, but as far as the basics are concerned, the Elite 65T have got every note right.

Coming to the design, the Jabra Elite 65T has a very understated design. The gunmetal grey color and the round form factor is very comfortable to use and see, while the microphone that slightly angles towards the mouth(ever so slightly), is surprisingly good at picking up your speech, so much so that Siri and the Google Assistant work like a charm with the Elite 65T. We also get 3 pairs of different sized IP55 certified ear tips that aid in some serious noise cancellation, and to be honest, the ear tips are really durable and will hold their own even if you do some serious workout with them on.

When it comes to the setup, the process is fairly straightforward. Plug them into the ears and you will receive a notification to open the Bluetooth settings on the device. We also have the option to connect to two devices, which is very useful.

The right bud allows you to play/pause your music, answer calls, while the left bud allows you toggle the volume. Another cool feature on the Jabra Elite 65T is that if you are on a run and there is some considerable traffic around you, you can double tap the right ear pod and just like that, the ‘Hear Through’ mode is enabled which pipes in the noise from the surroundings to you.

The battery life of the Jabra Elite 65T is perfectly satisfactory, with 5 hours of continuous playback before you require a top up. The pod case itself is good for two full top ups. The charging is done via a micro USB cable, a bit surprising because Bluetooth and USB Type-C has become a perfect partnership. But then again, no harm was done.

Coming to the output, the Jabra Elite 65T performs at par or better than most Bluetooth headsets in the market, with equally distributed sound across both the pods, with Bluetooth 5 giving you seamless connectivity. The AirPods do offer superior sound, but thanks to a slightly better noise cancellation setup here, the overall experience is very immersive.

All in all, the Jabra Elite 65T is what you would call a pair of ‘revolutionary’ earpods. So far, Apple ruled the roost with the AirPods, but looks like their reign will soon be qualitatively challenged by Jabra.

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