Ireland Driving In Numbers. [infographics]

Ireland competes with Portugal for the most traffic accidents in Western Europe. Buying CDW insurance (plus “super CDW”) is the easier but pricier option. Using the coverage that may come with your credit card saves money, but can involve more hassle. For peace of mind, opt for the Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW), which limits your financial responsibility in case of an accident. While each rental company has its own variation, basic CDW costs $15–25 a day (figure roughly 25 percent extra) and reduces your liability, but does not eliminate it. When you pick up the car, you’ll be offered the chance to “buy down” the basic deductible to zero (for an additional $10–30/day; sometimes called “super CDW”). Here’s a info graphic showing you how driving is in Ireland based on a poll survey conducted by 500 Irish drivers.

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