Intel goes big at 2 Weeks of Gitex

Intel has done a good job taking the biggest advantage this year at both the weeks of Gitex. It all started out with the Gitex Shopper 2015 where Intel made two things their top priority selling points targeting all the consumers that came by to visit.

Starting off with Gitex Shopper 2015, intel used it as a platform to further the popularity of the two in one devices and attracted the customers. Two in one devices are slowly becoming the consumers choice and Intel decided that it wont hold back in helping to promote the segment to make it as popular as possible in the consumer market.

At Gitex Shopper we saw the the Intel stand showcasing the two in one’s which were made by the vendors like Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo etc. All visitors and media got a chance to check it out at the intel stand and even at the vendors own stands.

Intel RealSense made its debut in the GCC market with its first hands on experience at the Gitex Shopper 2015. Intel RealSense, formerly known as Intel Perceptual Computing, is a platform for implementing gesture-based Human-Computer Interaction techniques. It consists of series of consumer grade 3D cameras together with an easy to use machine perception library that simplifies supporting the cameras for third-party software developers.

Features of it :

  1. Facial analysis

  2. Tracking multiple faces.

  3. Identification of facial features like eyes, mouth and nose

  4. Hand and finger tracking

  5. Tracking up to 10 simultaneous fingers, 8 gestures, and access to raw depth data

  6. Sound processing

  7. Speech recognition

  8. Background noise subtraction

  9. Augmented reality

  10. Object tracking

  11. Drawing CG images on real world scenarios

Intel has a issued a list of devices that support the RealSense technology as of now. Asus HP Dell Acer Lenovo are 5 companies that are having Intel RealSense built into their laptops for the consumers to experience. Intel on their website have also provisioned SDKs for devs who would like to have the real sense code and the functions of the cameras  to help build one of many possible applications that might soon come into the market.

The third and final thing was the Intel Compute stick which was not an official Gitex launch but was also part of the Intel family in Gitex. A small USB which itself is a processor and turns your tv into a smart tv.

This week at the Gitex Tech Week, intel continued their march and released the new technology called Intel Unite. This technology is basically a hardware-software combination that helps in Workplace Transformation.

Intel Unite is a software based solution with one extra piece of hardware that is the Intel Hub which basically turns your office meeting from a normal presentation based to a interaction via devices and screens. The unite software solution allows the residents of a meeting room to connect to a server via a pin and transforms a static single person presentation and discussion into a multi-person multi-screen presentation.

All residents of the room connect using the pin that gets displayed and a maximum of four people can then share their screens of the devices they are using and then make annotations and open apps and do a host of other activities. The Inter Core vPro processor acts like the server which takes in the maximum four connections and brings up all the four screens side by side. Now either of those four can share one screen or show their own views and use their own apps to contribute to the meeting.

Asbis partnered Intel with the launch of Unite by using the Prestigio Multiboard solution which basically were smart TVs that could be used with either the peripherals or touchscreen itself.

The Unite keeps data encrypted with 256-bit SSL that allows it to remain within the confines of the conference. Also while the PINs are being added the host can accept and deny connections based on who are the intended recipients and viewers.

Sameh Helmy, Enterprise Tech Sales Mgr of Intel MEA and Turkey said “The Unite keeps ease of use in mind and is designed to fit seamlessly into the existing it client IT deployment models and client software distribution methods making it convenient to the management. With Intel vPro technology built in, it can also control, patch and repair the device when the system is offline.”

Going by what we saw in these two weeks with Intel, there is a sign that Intel is not going to stop at just this much and will look to add more to its existing portfolio in the years to come.

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