HP closing down its PC business who is gaining now?

Possible takeover Samsung buying HP PC business unit?

HP the world’s top PC maker has decided to exit its PC or PSG ( Personal Systems Group) business and concentrate more on enterprise market which leaves HP following the same footsteps of big blue IBM which sold of its PC business to Lenovo in 2004.HP has also decided to close down its much hyped tablet based on Web OS (Linux based) platform initially owned by Palm officially declaring the end of war with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform.HP ‘s exit from PC business is just another indicator that PC’S might be seeing the end very soon and giving way more to handhelds like tablets and mobile phones. Brian Levy, CTO HP Communications & Media, tells “It’s the value of the software that runs that box, and the services delivered via that software, that are most notable – and profitable – now.”

HP tablets prices fall as the tech giant winds up its Web OS platform.

Who is to gain from HP‘s PC business sale?

The company which will benefit the most is obviously Dell and Lenovo, which has overtaken Acer  recently to be second in PC market share worldwide. Mac sales are likely to get a boost too with PC sales seems to flatten with the rise of tablets and handheld devices.

Who is going to buy HP’s PC business?

As of now the only company that looks to be in a favorable condition to buy HP’s PC business is Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung electronics which is far known for its offerings in LCD, LED and 3D TV’s and also has a laptop business which is also currently running the Google’s Chrome net books apart from windows Well even if HP ‘s PSG unit is sold today the transition to the parent company will take some time as in the case of Compaq and IBM PC’S as these companies were taken over by HP(2002) and Lenovo(2005) but still remained with the parent company for its technical support,warranties,driver updates and not to forget employees for at least 2 years .So if you got a brand new HP touch smart you still have to dial 1800-HP –INVENT for technical support service for at least 2 years for its support.




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