How to use Google Meet (Hangouts) on PC

Google has launched the Google Meet (Hangouts) app as a stand-alone video conferencing app to replace the current Hangouts application. Currently available only for G-Suite users, the Google Meet (Hangouts) app offers all the features you would expect from a full-fledged video conferencing app (like Skype for Business, Zoom, etc).

In this tutorial, we will show you how. you use the Google Meet (Hangouts) app on the Desktop.

Once again, please note that currently, the Google Meet (Hangouts) app can only be used with a G-Suite account.

Step 1. Open the web browser on your Laptop/Desktop.

Step 2. In the URL bar, type in

Step 3. Sign in with your G-Suite account. You will now see the main window, with your account details on the top right, and a single button to start or join a meeting. If you have a scheduled meeting upcoming, the window under the ‘Start meeting’ button shows all scheduled meetings in the list format.

Now let’s see how to use the Google Meet (Hangouts).

Case 1 – Starting a Meeting

Step 1. From the main window, click on the ‘Join or start a Meeting’ button.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, leave the space black and click on continue.

Step 3. In the new window, click on the Join Now button to start the meeting.

Step 4. Click on the Copy Joining info option in the pop window. This will copy the meeting invite into the clipboard. You can now paste the invite into a message and send it across to your colleagues or friends.

Step 5. When they accept the invite, the video call can be conducted as planned.

Case 2 – Joining a Meeting

Step 1. From the main window, click on the ‘Join or start a meeting’ button.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, enter the meeting id received from the host. Click on continue.

Step 3.  You will now join the meeting.

As you can see, Google Meet (Hangouts) is very clean and very easy to use. G-Suite Users should definitely transition to this app at the earliest.


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