How to restore your suspended Google plus account?

If you have suspended Google plus profile for violating Google plus real name policy or for other reason you are not the only one there are many. Google plus has put in strict guidelines for profiles with fake/pseudo/pet names and it advices strongly on using real names to avoid account suspension from Google plus. The worst part is when you get your account suspended on Google Plus, you lose Google Reader, your Google Profile (it is deleted from Google search) and any Picasa photos and photo albums and worst of them is locking out from your Gmail and Gchat.

  1. Before you attempt to restore your Google plus account just ensure you read Google plus real name guidelines.

  2. For some reasons you don’t like to switch back to Google plus account ever again Download and create a  back up of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer.

  3. Do you still want to use Gmail and other Google services with the exception of Google plus you can delete your Google plus content and profile.

  4. For restoring your suspended Google plus account you can submit an appeal, before that ensure that you follow Google plus real name guidelines .This process might require you to submit a photo id. (YES social networks have changed)



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