How to open PDF files on your Android smartphone

When it comes to documents, the most common file format is the PDF format. The file format that was invented by Adobe, over 25 years ago, has undergone many refinements, and today, it is the market standard for electronic document exchange. For years, users had to rely on the proprietary Acrobat reader software from Adobe, in order to read and edit PDF files. However, over time, third-party developers came up with their own apps, and today, there are many apps and software available (paid and free), that allow you to open PDF files on your device.

However, the power to edit the PDF document still belongs exclusively to the Acrobat Reader app.

Today, with smartphones becoming superior pieces of technology, a lot of document exchange happens over the phone, rather than PCs or laptops. Adobe and Google have responded to this changing trend by introducing their own versions of apps that help you in opening PDF files.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Number 1. The Adobe Acrobat Reader app for Android.

Adobe holds all the cards here and it’s clear that porting the Acrobat reader to an app format means you need to look no further when it comes to editing PDFs on the go. One thing you need to know is that in order to use the Acrobat Reader on the Android smartphone, you will still need to have the account on Adobe in order to sign in and use all the features on offer.

The problem, however, is that Adobe has been struggling to make their mobile apps problem-free, and the Acrobat Reader also has its fair share of errors and glitches. Adobe’s team does try its best when it comes to keeping the app error-free, but some glitches come in anyways.

The Acrobat reader app is available as a free download on the Play Store.

Number 2. Google PDF Viewer.

If you are someone who receives a lot of PDF files at work, and you want something that you can use to open the received documents, then the best app for your is Google’s very own PDF viewer.

Unlike the Acrobat reader, the Google PDF viewer does exactly what its name suggests. You can only open and read the PDF document that you receive on your device. Editing the document is not possible here.

We love how the Google PDF viewer works as we had no problems opening PDF documents, and thanks to the rather manageable size of the app itself, having it on your Android smartphone is completely hassle-free on your storage.

The Google PDF viewer is available on the Play Store as a free download.

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