How to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a

Windows 10 is a very powerful and capable operating system, and supports a multitude of apps on its platform One of the most troublesome apps to feature on Windows 10 is iTunes. Although it’s understandable that Apple has not really given their 100% on the Windows version of the app, the reason for the app to fail on Windows 10 are just downright hilarious.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can fix the 0xE80000A error on iTunes.

Solution 1. The first solution you can try is to update your Windows 10 OS, iTunes and iOS on your Apple device, to the latest versions. The 0xE80000A error can appear due to a missing update, and performing updates on all three platforms will most likely solve your problem.

Solution 2. Third party applications can cause issues in connectivity between your iOS device and iTunes on Windows 10. In such cases, you can disable your Antivirus and then retry connecting your iOS device to iTunes on your Windows 10 device.

Solution 3. Another reason for the 0xE80000A error to appear on iTunes, is if the location and date and time settings on your iOS device are corrupted.

  1. Open the ‘Settings‘ app on your iOS device.

  2. Tap on ‘General‘ and then Tap on ‘Reset‘.

  3. Tap on ‘Reset Location and Privacy‘.

  4. Tap on ‘Reset Settings‘ to confirm the command.

Try to connect the iOS device to iTunes on Windows 10.

Solution 4. If the 0xE80000A error persists, then it’s time to reinstall iTunes. Reinstalling iTunes is also a task on Windows 10 so please follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Type in ‘Apps and Features’ into the Cortana search bar and open the respective app.

  2. Now, uninstall the ‘iTunes‘ application.

  3. Next, uninstall the ‘Apple Software Update‘ application.

  4. Now, uninstall ‘Apple Mobile Device Support‘ application.

  5. Next, uninstall the ‘Bonjour‘ application.

  6. Uninstall the ‘Apple Application Support 32-Bit‘.

  7. Finally, uninstall ‘Apple Application Support 64-Bit‘.

Re-install the latest build of iTunes from the Apple website and try to connect the iOS device to iTunes.


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