How to download more RAM on your Computer

When you buy a new computer, either a desktop or a laptop, one of the main specifications that you have to consider is the RAM storage. RAM stands for random access memory, and it is nothing but the temporary memory that assists the computer in running processes and applications. The more the RAM, the better the multitasking performance.

Usually, computers inherently come with the ability to upgrade the RAM. For example, if you buy a laptop with 8GB of RAM, you will see that it is usually expandable to 16/32GB of RAM. This significantly improves the performance of the computer. However, there is only one way to upgrade the RAM.

First, let me clear some clear rumors. There are many websites and frauds in the market, who claim that you can download RAM from their online resource for some exorbitant amounts. The truth here is that there is NO WAY to DOWNLOAD RAM on your computer.

RAM is a pure hardware component and the only way to upgrade the RAM is to head to your computer brand store and request them to add in additional RAM hardware into your computer’s motherboard.

However, if your computer does not have additional RAM slots, or it cannot be upgraded, there are some solutions you can try to optimize your existing RAM performance.

Let’s take a look at some of the solutions that you can use to optimize the RAM performance of your PC.

Solution 1. Reboot your PC

If you are running multiple applications on your PC, chances are that some of them keep running in the background even when you close them. In such cases, the RAM memory gets occupied and the PC starts to show some lag. The most instant way to clear up the RAM is to reboot your PC.

RAM is temporary memory and when you reboot your PC, the RAM is cleared and ready to take on fresh tasks.

Solution 2. Use the Task Manager to inspect RAM usage

On your Windows PC, press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys on the keyboard to open the task manager. Here, click on the ‘Processes’ tab. Now click on the ‘Memory’ tab and instantly, Windows 10 sorts the processes in descending order of RAM utilization. You can now choose to close the applications that are utilizing maximum RAM.

Solution 3. Uninstall unwanted software

The next method you can use to ease up your RAM is to uninstall all the software that you do not use or need. Sometimes, these unused apps keep running in the background and this can lead to loading of the RAM. UNinstalling the unused apps and unwanted software can lead to clearing up RAM and improve computer performance.

Solution 4. Keep the Windows Defender active and updated

Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender pre-installed. This is the best antivirus and antimalware application that you need. It works perfectly with Windows 10, and keeping the Defender active and updated will ensure that you do not have any malware or virus on your computer.

There is third party software available in the market for RAM management and optimization. However, all of them have their own pros and cons and there are some tools that just don’t prove anything.

In conclusion, remember that RAM is NOT a software that can be downloaded. It is hardware only and the only way to upgrade the RAM is to buy the hardware and install it into your motherboard.

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