How to create a folder on Android

The rise of Android smartphones has resulted in a steady growth of apps and developers who want to bring absolutely everything to your palm by giving you apps and widgets to accomplish those tasks.

However, with all these apps coming to the market, smartphones are now getting overloaded with apps, so much so that companies today need to provide better storage options to accommodate all these apps. If you are one of those multi-taskers, who rely on an app for every task you do, chances are that you have multiple home screens full of apps.

In such cases, it becomes very difficult to get hold of the right app in time. This is where Folders come in. The Android OS allows you to group apps together into a folder. This way, the number of home screens reduce, and if you group them by type. then it is easier for you to access the right app at the right time.

Android devices come pre-loaded with a folder that contains all Google services in one place. This allows you to quickly access Google apps, but it also clearly demonstrates what a folder is all about.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a folder on Android.

Step 1. Unlock your Android smartphone to reveal the Home screen.

Step 2. On your home screen, decide the apps that you want to group into a folder.

Step 3. Drag one app on top of the other, until you see the two merging into a folder.

Step 4. Set a name for your newly created Folder.

Your custom folder will now be created. Make sure you play this smart and group relevant apps into a folder to optimize your workflow. For example, you can group on the e-retail apps in one folder, so if you feel like shopping, you can just open that folder and take your pick.


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