How to add Grammarly to the Chrome browser

In the past, when you had to write a document, or compose an email, you had to pay very close attention to your grammar, your spellings, and even the tone of your content. The best assistance that you could receive from your computer was that of spell-check. But back then, even the spell checker was not the advanced state-of-the-art feature that it is today.

Jump to a decade later and we have a tool, that not only checks your spelling, but also corrects the small errors in grammar, sentence formation, and even gives you a review of the tone of your text. This all-in-one tool is none other than Grammarly.

Grammarly integrates itself into your browser and works effortlessly in real-time, to help you focus on writing, while it keeps your content crisp and correct. Yes, you do have to pay for the more advanced features like the complete correction in your content, or a more in-depth analysis, but if you are happy with accurate spell check and minor grammar corrections, you can get started for absolutely free.

Grammarly comes in as an add-on for your browser and what we love is that it supports all major browsers, including Google Chrome, which is our focus in this article.

Here is how you can add Grammarly to the Chrome browser.

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser on your PC/Laptop.

Step 2. In the URL bar, type in

Step 3. In the search bar, type in ‘Grammarly‘.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Grammarly for Chrome‘ option from the search results.

Step 5. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button to add the extension to your browser.

Once you add the extension to your Chrome browser, you will have to sign into it, and from that moment, Grammarly will start working in real-time and take your content to the next level.

If you do not have the Chrome browser, and you want to try it out, you can click here to head to the official download page.


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