How does the iPhone upgrade program work

Apple has been working on getting their iPhone devices across to as many people as possible. They have approached this challenge in two ways –

  1. They have ensured that every new OS upgrade is supported by at least 80% of their lineup. For example, the new iOS 14 is supported even by the iPhone 6S. Of course, the feature list will vary by model, but Apple has ensured that even if you are an old user, you can still enjoy the latest of what Apple has to offer.

  2. The second approach is the iPhone upgrade program. This scheme allows you to upgrade your current iPhone to a new one every year.

In this article, we will take a look at how the iPhone Upgrade program works. Let’s break it down step by step.

Step 1. Check Eligibility.

In order to even avail of this upgrade program, you need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria with respect to the device you own. You can check your eligibility using the official Apple website, or you can even visit your nearest Apple store and talk to an expert there who can guide you through the check.

Step 2. Choose your Apple Care package.

Once you have been deemed eligible for the upgrade, you will have to choose the Apple care package that you want. The options you have are between Apple Care+ and Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss.

Step 3. Provide your Carrier account details.

Next, you will have to specify the carrier that you use on your current iPhone. It’s advisable to keep all this information on hand before you start the process. The reason they do this is that some Carriers often don’t support the program. Make sure you check all this in advance.

Step 4. Carry your Credit or Debit card.

Once you have verified your details, you will have to provide the Credit or Debit card details for the transactions. Prepaid cards are not accepted so be vary of the same. Also, if you are going to sign up at the Apple Store rather than the online platform, you will have to carry two forms of ID. Make sure the First name and Last name on both the IDs match.

Step 5. Get your new iPhone and return your older piece.

Once you have finished the signup, you can collect your new iPhone immediately and hand over your older model to the store. If you are doing the upgrade online, Apple will first ship you the new iPhone, and soon after, you will receive a trade-in kit through which you can send your older iPhone back to the company.

Overall, the process is very easy, can be done completely online, and ensures that you always have the best iPhone in the market without really drilling a hole in your wallet.


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