Giveaway:Schemer (Google’s Foursquare clone) invites

About Schemer :

Google Schemer is a Google service for sharing and discovering things to do. Users can list things they want to do, share it with other people and mark it as done once they have already accomplished it. Schemer is likely to be integrated with Google+ and you need to join Google+ to be able to use it. It is intended to help to find people with same interests, share their goals and have conversations with them. User will be able to add tags and locations as well. The site’s partners include Food Network, Zagat, Bravo, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, and Thrillist.

To enter for a chance to get invites, just follow the steps below.

1) Become a fan of our TECHPLUGGED Facebook Page:

2) Then do most of the following:

Follow the instructions in the box below…

1. Liking your giveaway on Facebook. (+1 entry)

2. Becoming a Facebook Fan of your website. (+1 entry)

3. Leaving a comment about your giveaway. (+1 entry)

4. Tweeting about your giveaway. (+1 entry)

5. Sharing your giveaway on their Facebook wall. (+1 entry)

6. Sending Facebook invites to their friends. (+1 entry for each invite)

7. Distributing a unique invite link to your giveaway. (+1 entry for each friend that visits your giveaway and +5 entries for each friend that joins the giveaway) This is a great way to make sure that your users tell all their friends about your site.

-Do remember the more you share the more chance of grabbing the invites.

– Retweet this post (making sure to include the #TECHPLUGGED hashtag)

#You require a Google plus account to use Schemer.

. Anyone in the world is eligible, as long as you have an internet connection.

Good luck!


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