Epson EcoTank L3070 Review

Printers are now getting back into stride with advancements in features and functionality with every new iteration and the device which was once limited for office use has now become a mainstream addition to our homes. Epson has been leading the race among printers and not once have they let the ball drop, and with the EcoTank L3070, they aim to keep their successful run going.

The EcoTank L3070 is a super cost effective 3 in 1 device from Epson which boasts of being one the most if not the most cost-effective printer devices in the market. The cartridge has made way for the new ink tank technology and with 2 years worth of ink provided in the box, Epson claims that your average printing expense will come down by 90%. Speaking through numbers, on paper, the EcoTank L3070 will do upto 13000 pages in black and 6500 pages in colour.

Cartridges have been the mainstay for printers for years now, and while they did offer high performance and until recently, even good efficiency, the EcoTank remove the whole cartridge component and replaces it with the more capable ink tank. The improvement in the printer efficiency is exponential and with 2 years worth of ink already available out of box, the EcoTank L3070 is a guaranteed hit.

Ease of use has been Epson’s mantra since day one, and with the EcoTank L3070, they have taken this mantra even further. The cartridges were simple to use, but replacing them did take a few extra minutes. The ink tank, however, is more of a plug and play accessory. Just plug it in once, and then all you have to do is fill ink using the proprietary nozzle. Another little feature that resumes in the EcoTank L3070 is the WiFi Direct feature. You can print documents and photos directly from your mobile device using the Epson app and the Wifi plugin that comes along with it. No longer will you need those cumbersome wires and USB connections.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the EcoTank L3070 is compatible with all major Operating Systems including Windows and Mac OS systems.

Overall, the Epson EcoTank L3070 is a must buy for homes that do a lot of printing or even small enterprises who are looking for a good, high performance, cost effective printer device for their use. So, if you are in the market for a printer that will give you more for less, the Epson EcoTank L3070 is what you should definitely consider buying.

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