Durex Extended Pleasure Condom Delivery in Dubai by Amazon

Durex is one of the best indeed top condom when it comes to pleasure.

DUREX EXTENDED PLEASURE CONDOMS FOR LONGER LASTING PLEASURE – a condom made with Performa Silicone lubricant, with benzocaine 5%, a local anaesthetic to help him last longer.

EASE OF USE – this large girth with 56mm nominal width condom is designed with a teat ended, smooth shape. It’s easy to put on, without interrupting the fun.

DISCREET PACKAGING – nobody need know about your Durex condom delivery, but you. Packaging may vary.

REDUCED LATEX SMELL – Durex Extended Pleasure are formulated for fun, with an odour masker for a less off-putting latex scent.

DUREX QUALITY – stands for ‘durability’ ‘reliability’ and ‘excellence’, Durex exceeds worldwide quality standards. 100% electronically, rigorously and dermatologically tested, for true confidence and trust.


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