Du’s new online music store.[ Review ].

iTunes the most popular paid music service which offers songs for 0.99$ USD per song is not available in the Middle East region and to fill up the void created in the online paid music downloads UAE’S telecom operator Du has started du Music Store with Over 15,000 of the best songs on your mobile.Du claims to have over 10,000 songs with Arabic, Bollywood, Indian Regional, Tagalog, Western in the offering suitable for the large expats in the country.

Source: Du music store website screenshot

  1. DRM Free Content – All songs are DRM free and the user can download the song and transfer to any device .

  2. FREE Re-Download Option –You can re-download any of the previously downloaded song for FREE by visiting the My Account section up to a maximum of 3 times.

The subscription charges are AED 1 daily  in which you can download 5 songs per day.If you are the lucky you might get a SMS/text from Du to test out the free subscription for a day.

DU music store Review:

Song Collection: There is a decent collection of music in DU music store and since it’s a new service it’s bound to add more music files in the store.

Usability and download: The site musictore.ae can be accessed only on mobile and searching and downloading songs is easier especially if you have a  3G connection and you can attempt downloading the same song 3 times if downloading fails in the previous attempt.

DRM free music: Songs once downloaded can be used in any other device without any restriction (its not mentioned how many devices its legal to copy).

Song  quality: here is the sad part you aren’t gonna get 320 Kbps or at least 128 Kbps sound quality for DRM free 5 songs for 1 AED .The sound quality might be around 64Kbps as a 3 min song occupies only 1Mb of space. For non techies the sound quality is somewhere close to a AM station and much poorer than a FM radio station.

Final thoughts: Listening to a FM radio station is much better than downloading from Du music store, if you still want a decent collection of DRM FREE songs(not worried about quality) with a cheap price tag try the Du music store. Follow my blog with Bloglovin



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