Do you need Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 ?

When Microsoft released the Windows 10 OS for PCs and Laptops, they bundled the Microsoft Edge browser as the default web browser on the platform. Initially, the version of Edge that users got was the one based on the Internet Explorer platform. now only was it criticized heavily by the user base as a whole, the running joke was that the Edge browser was only useful for one thing – downloading another browser.

However, recently, Microsoft surprised everyone with a brand new Edge browser. Not only is this a complete overhaul, but the new version of Edge is actually a replacement of the predecessor.

The reason for this is that Microsoft went back to the drawing board, and built a browser on the Chromium engine, which is the same engine that is used in the popular Google Chrome browser.

This means the new Microsoft browser encompasses the best bits of Chrome with the visual expertise of Microsoft. The result is a beautiful looking browser that is leaps and bounds ahead of the older Edge browser. The feature list imitates that of Chrome, which is great because they are following in the footsteps of the best in the market, and when you combine this, with the speed and fluid UI, you have a very powerful browser package.

The other thing that makes Microsoft Edge stand out, is that it is now available as a free download for other platforms, including, Mac, Android, and even iOS. This means Microsoft can now tap into the browser competition and take that quantum leap in terms of progress.

We actually did a side by side comparison of the new Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and we were pleasantly surprised how a simple change in the engine, could lead to such a significant improvement in performance for Edge. Now, you have to keep in mind that Chrome has been in the market for almost a decade, while the new Edge browser will complete its first year in a few months, so there are certain aspects in the latter that needs to be polished, but at the same time, we found the browser to be fully operational, including support for widgets and add-ons, which are working just fine.

So, do you need Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?

A few years ago, we would recommend every other browser, but today, with the new version of Edge being made available as default on the OS, your web browsing experience is in safe hands.

You can download the Microsoft Edge browser using the link here.

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