Diary of an Escorts in Dubai

The Assumptions of what my Dubai lifestyle entails.....

I am Audrey Segal, a premium masseuse and escorts in Dubai +447452250135

Let's start from the very beginning, My life as an Escort or People just assume; I come under the same term of a prostitute. We all come across small minded people no matter what career we've chosen. Some people find it difficult to understand the concept of those behind the scenes. I am Audrey and I will tell you ins and outs of my everyday life. I started my journey as an escort back in 2012, 18 in college and lack of money from my part time job in a local supermarket. We have all done things we shouldn't at young ages and being shy probably worked out well in the very end. (no one would believe I was ever shy!) So I plucked up the courage scrolling the internet looking for something which would give more freedom and money. I came across a website 'Dubai escort' which is mainly for Independent Escorts, Webcam Models and Content Creators.

I read the reviews and was impressed by some of the other women and men's comments. I created my first ever account with the company and within a few hours, I received several whatsapp about meeting up for an hour etc in a hotel or their place. After a few days, I plucked up a lot of courage and met a few clients in one day, the money was unbelievable easy to make and I did honestly enjoy the work load in hand. (Before anyone jumps on the band wagon!! Hang on a minute, Isn't that what prostitutes do. Meet strangers for sex in exchange for money.) Yes, Prostitutes work on street corners, approaching cars and scouting for business. Charging as little as £10 for sex for their drug habits. That is not what I do, Yes I am meeting up with middle aged men, sometimes a lot older, But I'm charging over £350 an hour to spend time with these clients (I know the real term is 'punters' but that doesn't sound nice.) I do not approach my clients, they come to me via the Dubai escort Directory. (I physically couldn't do Street work and approach clients) After 8 years of Escorting, I have done other work such as webcam and Film/Photo work for Agencies across the UK and Internationally. Nothing compares to Escort... I know a few of you-will be sitting there with a cup of tea in your pjs asking yourself... How can escorting work be so addictive? It's simple You're getting Pleasured, more ways than one ;) You set your rates and who you want to meet on that day. Now imagine You have 4 clients in that one day and 2 are basically the horniest clients ever, book you for an hour (Some never last an hour, sometimes 15mins/30mins tops!!) Job done etc... So let's do the maths 2 clients both £350 each = £700 and they both last 30mins each.... thats £700 an hour in Mathematically terms. As for the other 2 clients, 1 is a dinner date with pleasure afterwards in a hotel or maybe theirs and they are paying you (Example £1000 to be wined & dined) I can tell you it's better than any past boyfriend I've ever had! I would be lucky enough to get a 99p cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Warning: Read Before visiting Massage Therapist in Dubai

Everyday is a different story: Let's go back to the clients..... Some are absolute diamonds and treat you like a complete Queen whilst some are just don't care and only care about their salami in their unwashed pants and then you get the shy nerdy guys who you think wouldn't hurt a fly but have the most weirdest and disturbing fantasies, no person should ever have but unfortunately they do. Over the years, I've seen and heard many Fantasies like the school girl fantasy, stepmom fantasy or the secretary fantasy. We've all been there, Women seem to have more intensifying fantasies with another woman than most men, Strangely when you'd honestly think it would be the other way round. I found men's fantasies seem to differ and I know there will be a few women who will read this, look at their boyfriends/husbands and think I dear hope he isn't that type of guy... What is it with men and poo? I've had so many emails asking about this, Would I poo in their face and on their body? (I know it's bloody grim) But it's a very popular subject with young & old generation of the male species. It's like what type of rough upbringing did you honestly have! Don't panic I haven't thought I could possibly do this but I have given the odd golden shower or 2!! If people want it and willing to pay good money, why wouldn't you? It's not easy as those may think, How hard is it to actually pee on someone who's paying well over £500 to do so. People are nuts and People do pay for it, I don't think many wives in this century would. The amount of client's I have peeed on in the past, a little drop here and a little drop there. No matter how desperate I was to go! or how much water I assumed hours before meeting, Nothing wants to come out!! Body knows I'm not sitting a porcelain bowl but a man with his mouth open!!!

Hope you've enjoyed the read as much as me who loves telling people what I get up to everyday.... more to come soon... Stay safe.

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