Concept iPhone 5 with laser keyboard & holographic display.

Expectations are sky high as iPhone 5 is slated for early October launch this year. Geeks ,tech enthusiast and Apple iPhone fans have come up with their predictions for the next iPhone .Chinese clone market has already launched their version of next iPhone well in advance than the official launch of the iPhone 5. aatmastudio a startup animation and digital content specialization has showcased their animation skills by launching a video of a next concept iPhone 5 which is sleeker than the existing models and comes with a laser keyboard and a holographic display(only seen in Hollywood movies till date).The video has attained its objective of being viral and showcasing the talent a startup company (aatmastudio) has and the much needed branding a startup company requires. The video is #4 in YouTube trends chart in US .Watch the video and share your thoughts will it ever become a reality at least in the next 5 years ?


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