Apple iPhones now has an official smart battery case

Now with iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 and the Smart Battery Case, customers get the extended battery life they would normally only get with iPhone 6s Plus. Power users that rigorously use their iPhone 6s or those that just occasionally need the battery to last longer can get just that. The iPhone 6s Smart Battery case provides a tight coupling of hardware and software and is an advancement in so many ways: — A major challenge users of traditional battery cases encounter is that they are quite difficult to get on and off, with most of them actually having a two-piece assembly. The Apple-designed case is a singular unit with a soft elastomer hinge that makes it convenient to slide the phone in and out. — And of course it protects your iPhone too. The microfiber lining on the interior is color matched and not only provides protection to the unibody enclosure of the iPhone but also cleans the back of the device when you slide it in. We have also designed an acoustic port that optimally channels the audio from the speaker so that it sounds great when you are listening to music or on speakerphone. — One of the challenges that battery cases have is that they can impact cellular performance.  We created something that would get the same great cellular performance of iPhone 6s by adding a passive coupled antenna into the case to minimize this impact. This is also the first battery case to have a fully featured Lightning connector. The Smart Battery Case is intelligent in so many ways.  We are able to do this because of the tight integration between hardware and software that only Apple can do: — When you swipe down in the Notifications center you will notice that you can see the battery levels for the iPhone, Smart Battery case and even Apple Watch. When you plug in the Smart battery case to charge, there’s also a battery indicator on the lock screen that tells you how much charge the iPhone battery and the Smart Battery Case have. — Most cases have a simple design where first they charge the phone and then they charge the case. We are smart about when we crossover to charging the case while the phone is still charging. When plugged into a computer or 10W or 12W Charger, the phone and case charge simultaneously. — You’ll see that when you plug in the Lightning case into the charger there’s a light to indicate that it is charging. Amber indicates charging, green indicates that it is fully charged. After a period of time the light will shut off when it is fully charged. The iPhone 6s with the Smart Battery Case offers up to 25 hours of talk time, up to 20 hours of HD video playback and up to 18 hours of web browsing over LTE. iPhone Smart Battery Case is now available online for AED 379.



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