Acer showcases its product range in its natural habitat in a unique PR stunt.

Acer a Taiwanese multinational company showcased few of its product range in the consumer electronics segment which consists of all in ones, tablets laptops and hybrid models in Hilton Dubai residences.

In what you can call an out of the box PR stunt Acer showcased its product range in a bloggers only invite event , Whether it’s a typical office environment where a professional is working on his Acer all in one,newly married couple cooking a recipe from a Acer A1 tablet ,ultra book in a bedroom  for the extra portability ,for the a fashion designer working on her next best design on a Acer ultrabook or a DJ playing his next track mix from a Acer full touch tablet it was all there in a unique event that got the tech bloggers buzzing on twitter, just when we thought its going to be yet another tech event with graphical presentation on rising profits, product shipments, quarterly/Year on Year sales, the next big thing and the endless adjectives ..I mean thinnest, sharpest, fastest cheapest etc to describe the gadgets thankfully those weren’t there this time It was all about enjoying the gadget in its natural habitat to add it was a fun-filled evening that got tech bloggers like us a much-needed refresh for our geeky minds.  Check out the pictures from the event below.

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