21 Photos of Street Art Paintings in Karama

Have you seen the new street art / grafitti in Karama market? There was a video posted a few days ago by Wasl Properties where they gave a peek (check out the video below) at the “face lift” done to the walls of the buildings in Karama Souq. 24 big murals on apartment buildings were painted and added color to the new souq in Karama. I couldn’t help but drop by just to see the paintings myself.

I’ve lived in Karama for a couple of months and I always pass by the souq area on my way to a local gym. The Karama Souq is where you can find some stores selling handbags, apparel, watches, etc. at lower prices and you can haggle your way to buying these items. There are also some souvenir shops around and some budget-friendly Indian, Philippine, Pakistan restaurants for a quick bite.

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art paintings add color to the Karama market

buildings in Karama (commercial spaces in the ground floor and residential spaces above)

Photowalk in Karama: Paint Murals by Wasl Properties

I arrived early morning in the area while the weather was still bearable from the August summer heat. Took plenty of photos of the street art that made the old buildings stand out. I noticed that the floors in the shop areas were being renovated. It’s nice to know that Wasl Group is really putting their effort to develop the area to entice people and visit Karama for its charm.

Karama is part of the older area of Dubai and it’s a great idea that they thought of this to give way to the newer generation of tourists and residents to appreciate the beauty of Dubai before it became the mega modern city that it’s known to be now. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken.

grafitti art in Old Dubai!

falcon, I think.

artwork in Karama

beautiful paintings on the walls

modern art in Dubai

tiger and lion

ship on water

flying pick-up truck


Dubai paintings in Karama adorn the old blank walls

so much color!




Dubai Frame at the back


selfie shadow from a glass door from one of the apparel shops

Video: Wasl Group Paints Karama

Here’s the video that circulated on Facebook last week about the face lift done on the walls of Karama souk.

Location Map and How to Get There

The nearest metro station is ADCB Metro station – Red Line. Take Exit 2 (Karama side) and it takes about 15 minutes to get to Karama Souq.

Similar street art has also been done by artists on areas in Business Bay and CityWalk. It’s really nice that even the historical areas have also been considered in projects like this.

Why not drop by and just have a quick drive through just to see the paintings? Great job to the artists who have beautifully showcased their art in Old Dubai!

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